here’s a question for ya . . .

what role did Russian media play in instigation of violence in Kyrgyzstan?

I don’t know much about this, but some analysts (see for example Central Asia-Caucasus Institute) suggest that after Bakiev agreed to continue hosting American military base in Kyrgyzstan, Russian television started coming out with investigative reports about corruption in Kyrgyzstan, particularly targeting the youngest son of Pres. Bakiev, Maxim (I saw the latest one on NTV.)

Now. For those who know Russia, there is no need to explain that if Russian television is reporting on something, it is doing so because Russian government told them to. Could it be that 2010 Revolution’s got Russian trace?


Guardian reports that Roza Otunbayeva, who is the head of the provisional government, thanked Russia for its “significant support” in exposing a “nepotistic, criminal regime.”

Similarly, Reuters reports that Omurbek Tekebayev, another opposition leader, said that “Russia played its role in ousting Bakiev.”

I would really want to know, what in the world Otunbayeva meant when she thanked Russia for exposing Bakiev’s nepotism? Sure sounds like she referred to all the negative media reports that started coming out from Russia after Bakiev decided to continue hosting Manas Air Base.

Guardian article is available here:

Reuters article is available here:


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