Talk to a WWII vet today

As I’m writing this entry into my blog, I’m finding myself searching for words. Granted, I hardly ever don’t find myself desperately trying to be comprehensible. Nonetheless, today’s lack of words is special. I’m simply overwhelmed by the moment.

It’s Victory in Europe Day. On May 8th, 65 years ago, Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered to the WWII Allies. Due to the time difference, some countries celebrate this day on May 9th.

And I know I’m getting on my soap box here, but I’m asking all of you who are reading this blog entry  to talk to at least one WWII veteran today. Their time on this earth is running out. Our children will not even know anyone who was alive during that very important and very challenging period. You and I, however, are fortunate to have WWII veterans among us. Let’s cherish this privilege and  take advantage of it.

Happy VE Day!


One response to “Talk to a WWII vet today

  1. I’m a couple of months late responding to this blog…

    But I’m fortunate to have my grandfather’s story of his time in WWII that he wrote down for us grandkids before he died. I’ve been blogging it in chunks at Hopefully that will help preserve his legacy for others, just as your blog asks us to remember.

    Thank you for encouraging us to talk to the veterans!

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