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Why Did You Do This, Mr. President?

When Sarah Palin, earlier this week, had challenged Obama’s recently announced nuclear policy, Obama shot back. In his interview to ABC News he said,

“Last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues. . . If the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, I’m probably going to take my advice from them, and not from Sarah Palin.”

Now. Why would the president do this? Why would he engage Sarah Palin? Doesn’t he know that the more he hits her, the more her supporters like her?

Yes he does know. And that’s exactly why he engaged her in this seemingly stupid “you’re likable enough, Hillary” manner. He wants Sarah Palin and the radical right to do well in the near future. He wants them and not moderate Republicans to gain seats in the 2010 midterm elections. And he wants Ms. Real America to run against him in the general election in 2012.

As David Frum, a speechwriter for Bush 43,┬áput it, in his recent interview with the Financial Times, a big Republican victory in the mid-term elections would raise the chances for Sarah Palin to be the next presidential nominee or, worse, for “somebody who could be a very good president and a very plausible nominee to be Sarah Palinized.”

Frum believes, and I think Obama does too, that Republican gains in the short run will only hurt the Republican Party in the long run. Because the only way for the Republicans to gain now is to appeal to the radical and angry right, which will make the Republican Party more isolated and more out of touch with the real “real America.”

Frum, who coined the phrase “axis of evil,” was recently forced out of the AEI institute, an ultra- conservative think tank, for describing enactment of Obama’s healthcare reform as a “Waterloo” for the Republicans.


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President Will Gain from Gates Controversy

Remember the race speech that candidate Obama gave in Philadelphia? Arguably, this speech became one of the best moments for Obama as a presidential candidate and it came as a response for something that politically almost killed him – the controversy over his association with Jeremiah Wright.

Something similar will happen after the most recent dispute over race involving professor Gates and officer Crowley. Just imagine the photo op: the president, the policeman, and the African-American scholar drinking beer together and mending fences. I can already see the headline: “President Obama: Healing Racial Wounds of America.”