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The Worst Match Ever Played

Don’t ask me about Kyrgyzstan. It’s too close to home (figuratively and not literally). May be I’ll write something in a couple of weeks. When things settle down and I’ve had enough reflection time. For now, neither I nor anyone else knows what’s going on (and if they say they do know, they are lying.) Except, as the U.N. Human Rights Commissioner said, “We have strong indications that this event was not a spontaneous inter-ethnic clash – that it was to some degree orchestrated, targeted and well-planned.”

So that’s that, and I have nothing to add for now. Instead, I would like to talk about tennis. A dumber and more relaxing subject of conversation.

As many of you know, the World Cup is not the only sporting event currently on the air. Wimbledon is another high-profile tournament under way. This year it got a lot of attention for two things: first, the Queen visited this tennis championship for the first time in thirty three years; second, Nicolas Mahut (France) and John Isner (USA) are currently engaged in the longest match in tennis history. The score in the fifth set is 65 games (not points) to 65 games and counting. This set has gone on for almost seven-and-a-half hours, the play has been suspended two times due to darkness, and the end seems to be nowhere in sight.

Of course, all the commentators are dubbing this as “the best match ever played.” I say it’s “the worst and most boring match ever played.” Mahut and Isner are absolutely incompetent. Neither one of them is capable of returning a serve. Agreed, when Isner was serving 150 mph, returns were quite difficult. But he did slow down, and Mahut could do nothing with Isner’s 100 mph serve. Neither one of the guys has anything in his game other than serves (although Mahut is craftier out of the two and has greater diversity to  his shots). The longest point didn’t last for more than six shot exchanges (and you wonder why they didn’t get too tired!) Mahut and Isner are awful serve returners and that’s that. I can’t wait for this worst and most boring tennis match in history to be over with and the commentators to finally stop talking about  it and start broadcasting something else.


Talk to a WWII vet today

As I’m writing this entry into my blog, I’m finding myself searching for words. Granted, I hardly ever don’t find myself desperately trying to be comprehensible. Nonetheless, today’s lack of words is special. I’m simply overwhelmed by the moment.

It’s Victory in Europe Day. On May 8th, 65 years ago, Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered to the WWII Allies. Due to the time difference, some countries celebrate this day on May 9th.

And I know I’m getting on my soap box here, but I’m asking all of you who are reading this blog entry  to talk to at least one WWII veteran today. Their time on this earth is running out. Our children will not even know anyone who was alive during that very important and very challenging period. You and I, however, are fortunate to have WWII veterans among us. Let’s cherish this privilege and  take advantage of it.

Happy VE Day!

Tim Russert is gone

He has died of a heart attack at the age of 58. The moderator of Meet the Press, he was a role model for a lot of young journalists all over the world. I don’t know what I am going to do without him on Sunday mornings.